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Why choose Xenex?

Our teams are driven to help you reduce HAI rates at your hospital.

With science at our core, we leverage our team’s diverse backgrounds in epidemiology, infection prevention and six sigma implementation to reduce infection rates in your hospital.

Xenex was founded by Dr. Julie Stachowiak and Dr. Mark Stibich, both holding PhDs in epidemiology from Johns Hopkins. The Xenex mission is to save lives and reduce suffering by destroying deadly microorganisms that can cause hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Xenex’s Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum® UV Disinfection Solution reduces the bacterial load often associated with an increased risk for HAIs. Since our commercial launch in June 2010, Xenex devices are now included in infection control protocols in almost four hundred hospitals throughout the U.S.

Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum® UV disinfection is fast, safe, effective and proven.

Traditional UV disinfection methodologies primarily achieve one type of cellular damage. LightStrike® Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum® UV disinfection Robots leverage the full germicidal UV spectrum, achieving four primary methods of cellular damage. The Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot® contains NO TOXIC MERCURY.

Xenex is the only UV disinfection provider with multiple hospital customers reporting fewer infections in peer reviewed published studies.

Our Science

We have a firm foundation in the science of epidemiology and infection prevention.

Our Approach

Learn how our team empowers you to drive measurable outcomes in your facility.

Meet the Team

Founded by epidemiologists, our leadership team brings diverse technical and medical expertise.

The Xenex Advantage

In use in more hospitals than any other UV disinfection device, Xenex offers the only Pulsed Xenon UV disinfection system on the market. Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots® are developed and designed to be highly effective, efficient and portable, allowing for the proven and systematic disinfection of any space within a healthcare facility.

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