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Our history.

We’ve grown from a small startup to a company helping hundreds of hospitals report meaningful results.

Our founders took inspiration from their research in public health and created the first Xenex LightStrike® Germ Zapping Robots® in a technology business incubator. Now we have a presence in nearly 400 U.S. hospitals and continue to pursue innovations and peer reviewed research in the field of infection control.

A passion for public health: Epidemiologists Dr. Mark Stibich and Dr. Julie Stachowiak founded Xenex Technologies in Houston in August 2008.

Xenex was accepted to the Houston Technology Center (HTC) – the largest technology business incubator in Texas. HTC provided introductions to consultants and potential investors, which ultimately led Stibich and Stachowiak to Morris Miller, one of the co-founders of Rackspace Hosting. Understanding the financial impact of HAIs on hospitals and the cost of HAIs to society, Miller was intrigued by the potential of Xenex’s Pulsed Xenon ultraviolet C (UV-C) room disinfection system and became involved in growing the company. The company was reincorporated as Xenex Healthcare Services in April 2009 and relocated to Austin. The first version of Xenex’s Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum® UV Robot became commercially available in 2010. The company relocated in 2012 to San Antonio and was renamed Xenex Disinfection Services in 2013.

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