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Science at our core.

Xenex has a firm foundation in epidemiology and infection prevention.

Our roots in epidemiology have driven our evidence-based approach to protocols, deployment and design.

Founded by two epidemiologists, at Xenex we believe in evidence-based medicine and use scientific data and research to create our protocols, our deployment strategies and to design our products.

Our Scientific Focus 
Xenex actively conducts research in conjunction with select customers to drive knowledge that answers the pressing questions being asked by infection preventionists, environmental service personnel and infectious disease physicians. The Xenex team, as well as independent research by our customers, is regularly presented at conferences to professional organizations, via webinars published on educational/industry websites, and in peer reviewed journals. 

Working with customers’ unique data, we build comprehensive reports that translate HAI rate reduction impacts to improved hospital rankings and powerful returns on investment.

Proving Our Technology Over Time

  • 70% reduction in ICU C. diff infection rates1
  • 53% reduction in C. diff infection rates2
  • 57% reduction in MRSA infection rates3
  • 100% elimination of VRE in isolation rooms4

View Research and Results

1. Nagaraja A, et al., Westchester Medical Center in AJIC 2015. 2. Levin J, et al., Cooley Dickinson in AJIC 2013, 41:746- 748. 3. Simmons S, et al., Cone Health System in JIP 2013. 4. Stibich M, et al., M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in ICHE 2011, 32:286-288.

Video Demo

Xenex has been proven in Peer Reviewed Published Outcome Studies to show reductions in C. diff, MRSA and other MDROs that exceed 50%.

How Xenex Works

Learn about Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum® UV disinfection and why it’s so effective at eliminating deadly pathogens.

Costs of HAIs

Successfully combating HAIs has become a significant and actionable financial opportunity for United States hospitals today.

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