Powered by LightStrike™ Robots, the LightStrike™ Disinfection Pod™ makes it easy for your team to disinfect mobile, reusable equipment in fast 5-minute cycles that are effective against against C. diff, MRSA, CRE, VRE and other MDROs.

The power of LightStrike Robots for mobile, reusable equipment anywhere

  • One Of A Kind: LightStrike Disinfection Pod is the first of its kind mobile disinfection pod to help hospitals disinfect high-touch complex equipment such as Isolettes, Ventilators, Ultrasounds, Vital Sign Monitors, Wheel Chairs, and Mobile Work Stations
  • 360 Degree UV Coverage: Highly reflective aluminum-bonded fabric scatters Pulsed Xenon UV light for 360 degrees of coverage, even in small angles and crevices
  • Portable: Lightweight, collapsible, durable, and flame-rated to U.S. NFPA 701 standards
  • Easy Assembly and Small Footprint: Sets up in minutes by only 1 user. 35”x 86” footprint meets NFPA Life Safety Code 101 for safe hallways and corridor use.

LightStrike Disinfection Pod at work

Xenex LightStrike Disinfection Pod

Seeing is believing

Let us show you how quick and easy equipment disinfection can be with the LightStrike Disinfection Pod.

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