Our team works closely with you to meet your rate reduction and infection prevention goals.

The XENEX Infection Rate Reduction Program is the most comprehensive support program in the industry. As a customer, you’ll have a dedicated XENEX Account Executive and access to a specialized support team who will help you integrate the LightStrike™ Germ-Zapping™ Robots into your existing cleaning protocols to optimize your infection prevention programs and elevate environmental cleaning bundles. Program includes:

  • Statistical analysis of HAI rate data and environmental data
  • Cross departmental kick-off meeting with executives and management to ensure alignment of the program
  • Bundle Enhancer™customized to enhance your existing IP/EVS bundle
  • Design of a deployment strategy and program protocol to achieve the best results
  • Ongoing support to review program progress and recommendations for continued improvement
  • Project Management
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
Train & Execute
  • Onsite Implementation
  • Training Programs
  • Account Executive
Measure & Report
  • Device Reporting
  • Monitoring Results
  • Maintenance Experts

The Trials to Outcomes Program™

Take cost out of the equation!

The Trials to Outcomes Program requires no capital outlay and no payment from the hospital until an infection rate reduction in targeted units is realized.

We’re so confident in our program, we’re willing to bet our paycheck on it!

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