Our real-world HAI rate reductions speak for themselves

Our HAI reduction rates are well documented in numerous, real-world, peer-reviewed, hospital outcome studies that are unmatched in the industry.

70%reductionin C. diff infection rates

Westchester Medical Center in AJIC 2015

100%reductionin total joint SSIs

Trinity Medical Centerin AJIC 2015

Environmental Studies

Environmental effectiveness of pulsed-xenon light in the operating room

In past years, Xenex has conducted many trials, especially in ORs, for hospitals desiring to demonstrate for themselves how pulsed xenon can zap those germs in ORs! Each hospital also shared their data. Our team pooled and analyzed it. They

Environmental Studies

Effect of PX-UV room disinfection on microbial counts for MRSA and general contamination

VA researchers found that surface MRSA counts were reduced by 75 percent and aerobic bacteria colony counts were reduced by 84 percent in rooms disinfected with pulsed xenon UV devices. Manual disinfection reduced bacteria counts only by 25-30 percent. According to the

Environmental Studies

2 Minute Between Case Operating Room Cycle

72.5% reduction in OR high-touch surface contamination with single 2-minute cycle between cases.  

Environmental Studies

Total Kill of Ebola and Anthrax

Elimination of Ebola (>4 log) and Anthrax (>3 log), >6-log reduction of MRSA, CRE, MDR-A. baumanii, and more.  

Environmental Studies

Queens Romford (UK) 5-log Reduction

5 log reduction of MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter and CRE in 10 minutes  

Case Studies

Summary of Studies / Effectiveness Guide


Environmental Studies

Containing MDROs

The role of the healthcare environment in the spread of multidrug-resistant organisms: update on current best practices for containment.  

Environmental Studies

Evaluation of PX-UV for reduction of HAIs

99.6% reduction in real-world hospital bioburden and Xenex efficacy not affected by shading, pathogen concentration, or surface protein load  

Environmental Studies

Pulsed Xenon Light Disinfection vs. Bleach

Bleach removed 70% of C. diff spores while no-bleach clean plus Xenex removed 95%