Our real-world HAI rate reductions speak for themselves

Our HAI reduction rates are well documented in numerous, real-world, peer-reviewed, hospital outcome studies that are unmatched in the industry.

70%reductionin C. diff infection rates

Westchester Medical Center in AJIC 2015

100%reductionin total joint SSIs

Trinity Medical Centerin AJIC 2015

Environmental Studies

Total Kill of Ebola and Anthrax

Elimination of Ebola (>4 log) and Anthrax (>3 log), >6-log reduction of MRSA, CRE, MDR-A. baumanii, and more.  

Environmental Studies

Queens Romford (UK) 5-log Reduction

5 log reduction of MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter and CRE in 10 minutes  

HAI Reduction Studies

South Seminole Hospital

87% reduction in ICU VRE infection rates, combined VRE+MRSA+C. diff infection rates reduced 61% in ICU and 29% facility-wide, 390 bed days generated, $730,000 saved    

Case Studies

Summary of Studies / Effectiveness Guide


Environmental Studies

Containing MDROs

The role of the healthcare environment in the spread of multidrug-resistant organisms: update on current best practices for containment.  

Environmental Studies

Evaluation of PX-UV for reduction of HAIs

99.6% reduction in real-world hospital bioburden and Xenex efficacy not affected by shading, pathogen concentration, or surface protein load  

Environmental Studies

Pulsed Xenon Light Disinfection vs. Bleach

Bleach removed 70% of C. diff spores while no-bleach clean plus Xenex removed 95%  

Environmental Studies

Pulsed Xenon Disinfection vs Manual Disinfection

Xenex effective even in absence of manual cleaning  

Environmental Studies

Quick Clean + Pulsed Xenon Light Disinfection = Better Surface Decontamination in ORs

Decreasing Operating Room Contamination of Surfaces and Air with Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection