Healthcare Associated Infections Leave Patients Feeling “Like Lepers”

A compilation of research found that, no matter the location of the hospital, if you are a patient with an healthcare-associated infection (HAI), there are some major emotional burdens.

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Alcohol sanitizers and hand hygiene? It’s complicated.

Alcohol sanitizers and hand hygiene? It’s complicated. In infection control, we’ve known for years that alcohol-based (70% isopropanol) hand sanitizers are incredibly useful in healthcare hand hygiene. The now-ubiquitous presence of gel or foam dispensers in hospital lobbies, outside patient


When Pigs in Georgia Cause Your MRSA in Oregon

Do you strive to buy antibiotics-free pork chops? Doing so might not just impact your health, but the health of the entire world. The FDA recently reported on the use of antibiotics by the pork industry, finding that its consumption


Could Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack promote antibiotic stewardship?’s interest in and willingness to invest in the healthcare space is evident by their joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan and their recent acquisition of PillPack, rumored to be around a $1 billion deal.


“Nightmare Bacteria” – A Wake-Up Call

  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently warned of “nightmare bacteria” spreading across the United States. The story has been widely reported. The headlines are alarming, and rightfully so – two million Americans get antibiotic-resistant infections every year, with



Amazing Hospital Accomplishments At Year’s Close

In the U.S., hospitals carry a huge responsibility to make sound business decisions that help them provide quality healthcare for their community. Their various teams are always considering what investments of time, work, and dollars will bring higher quality of


What You Could Do In 2 Minutes

In two minutes, you might be challenged to get a lot done. If you only had two minutes to clean your operating room, for example, a few surfaces might get wiped. Even if you had five or ten minutes, your



That Equipment Isn’t Clean

Technological advancements make healthcare equipment small and mobile: crash carts, mobile blood pressure monitors, rolling ultrasound machines, even CT machines as tall as a person but deliverable to the emergency department in minutes. Mobile diagnostic and imaging tools allow providers



Patient Experience and “The Power Of ONE”

Employee engagement is critical to the success of any business. An engaged employee will interact more positively with their colleagues as well as patients or customers and will seek proactive ways to make improvements. Engaged employees are also generally easier

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