UV Disinfection – Hospitals, House Calls and Kennel Calls

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The first outbreak of canine influenza – the H3N2 virus – occurred in 2015, and this year, cases have been on the rise in the United States, reaching 30 states, per the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine’s reports. There is a vaccine available for the H3N2 virus, which requires two doses and may not completely prevent infection. H3N2 symptoms may resemble kennel cough, including sneezing, nasal discharge and coughing, and is spread via direct contact with a sick dog, a person who has been in contact with a sick dog or an environment contaminated with the virus.

One of the states where the most infections have occurred is Florida. When an Orlando area grooming and boarding facility, Woof! Orlando, posted on social media that they were closing to disinfect their facility following an outbreak, Xenex’s Orlando area regional business manager, Ryan Bridges, volunteered to bring in one of our LightStrike Robots to disinfect the facility. Ryan’s wife had seen the Woof! Orlando Facebook post.

“Ryan knocked on our door and offered to bring the robot in,” said Michelle Olds, owner of Woof! Orlando. “Just like they would in a hospital if there was some kind of outbreak.” Woof! Orlando has re-opened with new, strict protocols in place to prevent future infections.

As Ryan says in the video, at Xenex we take pride in protecting the communities in which we live – which includes protecting patients from life-threatening infections and helping to control outbreaks at other facilities in our neighborhood, like schools, daycares and kennels. You can see the full video on the Orlando Sentinel’s website

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