Xenex and Mintie Technologies Innovate to Provide Mobile Equipment Disinfection with LightStrike Disinfection Pod for Healthcare Facilities

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Los Angeles and San Antonio – Xenex Disinfection Services, the manufacturer of LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots™, and Mintie Technologies, Inc., an industry leader in containment units, today announced that Xenex is the exclusive provider of the LightStrike Disinfection Pod™, which is now available to ship to U.S. hospitals. Designed in collaboration with Xenex and manufactured by Mintie, the world’s first and only portable disinfection containment units enable healthcare facilities to quickly disinfect the high-touch mobile equipment that travels throughout a hospital. Mobile equipment such as wheelchairs, computer workstations and IV poles can interact with multiple patients daily, and are known to spread contamination.

The Xenex LightStrike pulsed xenon ultraviolet (UV) room disinfection technology helps healthcare facilities reduce healthcare associated infection (HAI) rates by destroying the microscopic germs that may be missed during the manual cleaning process. Hospitals using Xenex devices have published clinical outcome studies in peer-reviewed journals showing 50-100 percent reductions in Clostridium difficile (C.diff), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Surgical Site Infection rates when those hospitals used LightStrike Robots to disinfect rooms.

Studies show that pathogens can travel throughout a healthcare facility on mobile equipment. To address this gap in the infection control process, Xenex joined with Mintie Technologies to create the LightStrike Disinfection Pod.  Hospitals can now utilize the power of LightStrike Robots to disinfect mobile equipment such as isolettes, ventilators, pressure monitors, wheelchairs and workstations in just five minutes. The Pod is collapsible, mobile and can be positioned in a hospital hallway or other areas without disrupting or impeding daily workflow. Its proprietary design integrates reflective interior fabric ensuring 360 degrees of UV light coverage over difficult-to-clean equipment including anesthesia carts, ventilators, and mobile imaging machines.

Jim Mintie, president of Mintie Technologies said, “Two great companies have combined their expertise and innovative products to improve environmental disinfection practices and capabilities.  Think about where a wheelchair travels in a hospital during the course of a day and how many people are transported in it. Prior to the LightStrike Disinfection Pod, it was nearly impossible to get the pathogens off the wheelchair in between patients. This technology advancement allows the removal of germs and bacteria  before the patient comes into contact with the equipment, in order to reduce the risk of  infections, and the suffering and death that can follow.  If you’re a mother and going to the hospital to give birth, why would you go a hospital that isn’t doing everything it can to keep you and your baby safe?”

“Our mission is to stop the pain and suffering caused by healthcare associated infections. Being able to expand utilization of our LightStrike Robots to disinfect mobile equipment is a huge step forward for environmental disinfection because we’re able to further reduce the amount of pathogens lurking in in healthcare facilities,” said Joseph Authement, executive vice president of sales for Xenex. “Mintie shares our passion for attacking HAIs at the source of this world-wide problem. Working with them to develop the LightStrike Disinfection Pod has been very exciting because of the synergies between our two companies and our combined ability to solve a very real problem.”

About Xenex Disinfection Services

Xenex’s patented Full Spectrum™ pulsed xenon UV room disinfection system is used for the advanced disinfection of healthcare facilities. Due to its speed and ease of use, the Xenex system has proven to integrate smoothly into hospital cleaning operations. Xenex’s mission is to save lives and reduce suffering by eliminating the deadly microorganisms that cause HAIs. The company is backed by well-known investors that include EW Healthcare Partners, Piper Jaffray Merchant Banking, Malin Corporation, Battery Ventures, Targeted Technology Fund II, Tectonic Ventures and RK Ventures. For more information, visit xenex.com.


About Mintie Technologies

Founded in 1940, Mintie began as a modest specialty maintenance service company and has grown into a company with an international reputation for excellent service and innovative products. Mintie is a third generation, family-owned and operated business providing indoor air quality management, preventative maintenance solutions, and portable containment products for airborne particulates, infection control, and bio-security. Its vision is to continue leading the industry with innovative products and the highest quality services which provide clients with safer, healthier and more productive environments.

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