LightStrike Pulsed Xenon Disinfection

Effectively and reliably disinfect rooms and spaces.

Pulsed Xenon Disinfection

Effectively and reliably sanitize rooms and spaces.

Germ Disinfection Pod

Disinfection of mobile equipment.

Disinfection as a Service

Disinfect local businesses, offices, senior facilities and public spaces.

Environmental Germ Testing

Detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in offices, schools and senior centers.

Xenex Partnership Program

  • Best practice based workflow and throughput protocols informed by our work in hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world.
  • Training to help your team use LightStrike Robots effectively, and to improve throughput.
  • Disinfection target analysis and goal setting.
  • Data reporting analysis.
  • Access to the latest studies and disinfection research.


November is C. Diff Awareness Month!

Peggy ended up in the emergency department one week after her root canal. The healthcare team there discovered she had sepsis (a bloodstream infection) caused