Effectively and Reliably Disinfect Rooms, Spaces and Equipment
Environmental Disinfection Products & Services
Pulsed Xenon UV Disinfection

Disinfection for rooms/areas.

Germ Disinfection Pod

Disinfection of mobile equipment.

Handheld LED UVC Disinfection

Disinfection for compact areas and frequently touched surfaces.


Xenex Partnership Program

  • The STRIKETM  best practice-based workflow and throughput protocols informed by our work in hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world.
  • Training to help your team use LightStrike Robots effectively, and to improve throughput.
  • Disinfection target analysis and goal setting.
  • Data reporting analysis.


Infection Preventionists are Killing it – “It” Being Harmful Germs

Infection Preventionists (IPs) are guardians against germ transmission. They lead the fight against an invisible foe -- microorganisms that can cause infections