Adventist Health White Memorial Enhances Patient Safety with Germ-Fighting Robots

Los Angeles – September 25, 2019 – Patient safety is a top priority at Adventist Health White Memorial, the region’s leading faith-based, nonprofit teaching hospital. In 2015, recognizing that some viruses and bacteria are becoming resistant to cleaning chemicals, antibiotics


Healthcare Associated Infections Leave Patients Feeling “Like Lepers”

A compilation of research found that, no matter the location of the hospital, if you are a patient with an healthcare-associated infection (HAI), there are some major emotional burdens.

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Surgical Specialty Center of Baton Rouge is First Hospital in Southern Louisiana to Enhance Patient Safety by Deploying a Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot

Surgical Specialty Center of Baton Rouge is First Hospital in Southern Louisiana to Enhance Patient Safety by Deploying a Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot  Baton Rouge, LA – July 13, 2017 – Surgical Specialty Center of Baton Rouge today announced it



Xenex Announces LightStrike Disinfection Pod® – Industry’s First Mobile Equipment Disinfection System

San Antonio – June 13, 2017 – Much has been reported on the growing threat of antibiotic resistance and healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The scientific evidence has clearly established that in the hospital environment, microorganisms such as Clostridium difficile (C.diff),

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Mobile Equipment: Are Pathogens Hitching A Ride?

Mobile healthcare equipment is increasingly a part of every patient care encounter. From isolettes for the tiniest of new patients, to wheelchairs carrying patients to their cars, from simple supply carts to complex mobile X-ray systems, the ability to bring



LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots Help Skilled Nursing Facility Dramatically Reduce Infection Rates

MILWAUKEE, WI – Infection rates at nursing homes nationwide are on the rise. The Jewish Home and Care Center (Jewish Home) set out to enhance the safety of its residents and employees by deploying a LightStrike® pulsed xenon ultraviolet (PX-UV) light robot


Xenex Secures $38 Million in Funding Led by Essex Woodlands & Piper Jaffray Merchant Banking; Company’s Germ-Zapping Robots Help Hospitals Reduce Infection Rates

Xenex Disinfection Services, the manufacturer of LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots™, today announced the investment of $38 million in a funding round led by Essex Woodlands (EW), one of the country’s leading healthcare private equity firms. The financing, which includes new participation


Beaufort Memorial Using Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot to Destroy Pathogens That Can Cause Hospital-Acquired Infections

BEAUFORT, SC – In a continuing effort to improve patient safety, Beaufort Memorial Hospital has invested in a high-tech portable disinfection robot capable of wiping out deadly superbugs in just minutes. Nicknamed Violet, the Xenex LightStrike™ Germ-Zapping Robot™ uses high-intensity



Envisioning the Digital Hospital

The word “digital” is frequently used in a healthcare context when talking about electronic medical records, patient monitoring and similar categories where interactions with technology are very visible. But digital technology is truly changing the patient experience in every part