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Celebrating Grovember With the Xenex Team | Xenex

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Celebrating Grovember With the Xenex Team

Nov 18 2016 by xenexadmin

Every year, in November, people put down their shavers and celebrate Movember or Grovember, growing out their hair, mustaches and beards to raise funds and awareness of specific cancers. (At Xenex, our robots get in on the Grovember action too, as you can see.) 


We were excited to take part in Grovember this year to try to raise C.diff Awareness, and though we had a few players drop out, we had to respect their reasons: they were really proud to be meeting with hospitals that wanted to learn more about LightStrike Robots, and they wanted to look sharp!

Here, you can see a few before-and-after photos of how our team did! (Our participation rules were flexible, and just like our robots, Irene had a little technical assistance getting to her goal.)

Thanks to Irene Hahn, Ryan Williams, Bo Adams, Sean O'Flynn, and Rob Harris for participating in Grovember at Xenex this year!

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