Deactivate Handheld LED Disinfection

  • Portable and adaptable for a variety of applications
  • Quickly disinfect commonly touched areas between use
  • Enhance manual cleaning in compact environments
  • No-touch chemical free disinfection
  • Ideal for hotels, schools. first responder vehicles, healthcare facilities, cockpits and more

Scientific Evidence

  • 99.99% reduction in Coronavirus HCoV-229E in 1 minute at 1 meter*
  • 99% reduction in B. subtilis spores in 2 minutes at 1 meter*
  • 99% reduction in MRSA and E. coli vegetative bacteria in 1 minute at 1 meter*

*Data on file

The operator of the Deactivate product must wear PPE. Always follow safety instructions provided by Xenex to properly operate the Deactivate device.


The Impact of Pandemics

Despite major advances in medical science, pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) remain a significant source of illness and death in the United States