Xenex's Optimized Disinfection Plans

Disinfect with Confidence

Xenex’s Xtra Care Plans provide services and support that ensure you’re getting the best uptime, real-time support, and the resources needed to make sure your Xenex Program and LightStrike robots are providing optimal disinfection every time, in every room/area.

Expert Support

Our expertise, best-practice approach, and training/educational support are complementary to our disinfection products, along with free access to a team of environmental disinfection experts (including epidemiologists) who have decades of combined expertise. 

Predictive Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance monitoring system includes proactive notifications for lamp changes and service, as well as remote diagnostics with a secure connection for automatic updates/upgrades. It also enables the Xenex tech-support team to help diagnose and resolve potential issues quickly.

Oversee it All in Real-Time

Quickly and easily monitor your Xenex program and LightStrike Robot utilization. Our cloud-based, self-service Portal lets you monitor your program in real-time and provides a range of reporting features to monitor/report disinfection statistics. 

Performance and compliance reports are sent monthly from a dedicated Account Executive highlighting program success and best practice guidance to help maximize disinfection impact.


Creating a Successful Disinfection Program: Our UV Journey and Your Benefit

When Xenex launched the first version of the LightStrike pulsed xenon UV robot, it was the first and only ultraviolet...