Pulsed Xenon Disinfection

LightStrike pulsed, high intensity, broad spectrum UV light devices

  • High intensity light for fast, effective disinfection
  • Customizable for room types and positions
  • Sensors immediately stop the device when motion is detected
  • Cloud-based reporting of key metrics
  • Designed for long life, high reliability and ease-of-use

Xenex Partnership Program

  • Best practice based workflow and throughput protocols informed by our work in hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world.
  • Training to help your team use LightStrike™ Robots effectively, and to improve throughput
  • Disinfection target analysis and goal setting
  • Data reporting analysis
  • Access to the latest studies and disinfection research


The Impact of Pandemics

Despite major advances in medical science, pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) remain a significant source of illness and death in the United States