Why Xenex

Disinfection Solutions Powered by Evidence-Based Science

Fast. Safe. Effective. Xenex is the only UV disinfection solution proven effective by more than 40 published, peer reviewed studies. With more than 24 million+ uses, every 4.7 seconds a disinfection cycle is taking place somewhere around the world! Xenex Solutions are proven effective in the most demanding healthcare environments and are ideally suited for disinfecting hospitality, transportation and other environments to deactivate bacteria, viruses, spores and those impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Xenon Difference

LightStrike™ uses a patented Pulsed Xenon UV light system that produces UV across the entire germicidal spectrum (200-315 nm), deactivating the pathogens at the wavelengths where they are most susceptible. Over 40 published, peer reviewed studies support the efficacy of the LightStrike technology when used as a part of the facilities’ infection control bundle. Unlike continuous single spectrum UV lamps, the pulsed UV produced by LightStrike does not damage expensive materials present in most hospitals, hotels and other environments.

Your Disinfection Partner

We work with our client’s infection control team to analyze and supplement the effectiveness of their existing infection control bundle, identify an implementation process to provide supplemental disinfection throughout the facility beginning with high priority areas and implement strategies to improve the overall success of the client’s infection control efforts. We train and support your staff on the proper use of the LightStrike Robots. We monitor and help you manage the performance of your Robots.

Deactivating Germs on Surfaces Improves Patient Safety

We’re driven to save lives and reduce suffering. It’s why we – and the hospitals, hotels and transportation clients we serve – rely on intense, pulsed, full spectrum UV light to disinfect high touch surfaces as an important part of their infection control bundle. Because there is no better way to destroy the microorganisms that cause sickness and death.

Disinfection Standard

Evidence-based Science

to Safety

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A Tipping Point

Disinfection experts are acutely aware of the array of microorganisms that threaten lives. SARS-CoV-2 has brought that awareness to the masses. It’s also clearly delineating yesterday from today and tomorrow, because conventional methods of cleaning and disinfection are no longer sufficient. There is no margin for error with unproven technologies. It’s why top healthcare, hospitality, transportation and other organizations rely on the leading disinfection solution provider, Xenex.

Deactivating Pathogens Benefits Patients, Guests, Passengers, Staff, Brand and Your Bottom Line

Infection Preventionists, Environmental professionals, Surgical staff and other healthcare professionals are driven to make hospitals safe and for their facilities to be sanctuaries for healing. It’s a mission we share and why we are so committed to evidence based, highly effective disinfection solutions.

Creating safe sanctuaries is critical to financial, quality and operating leaders in healthcare, transportation, hospitality and other industries. It provides staff, patients and customers with confidence and peace of mind.

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