Healthcare leaders committed to excellence in environmental disinfection with a focus on
deactivating harmful pathogens that linger on surfaces.

Meghann Holmes, RN, CIC & Samantha Green, RN

Infection Preventionists
We added Xenex LightStrike Robots to enhance our disinfection process and continue our mission to make patient safety a top priority. The results we achieved were really amazing.
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Necia Kimber, RN, BSN, MHA, CIC

Infection Control & Prevention
We saw the greatest reduction of C. diff in the environment after integrating Xenex and the LightStrike robots into our disinfection bundle.
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James Neel, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgeon
The LightStrike Robots are an effective tool in our battle against pathogens and provide us with an advantage in the surgical suite.
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Kristin Pickerell DNP, RN, NE-BC, CPHQ

Director of Quality
Xenex has a very strong data support team and that has been instrumental to show we are making a difference.
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Mark Povroznik, Pharm.D.

VP/Chief Quality Officer
We switched from Mercury UV to Xenex LightStrike Robots to improve our quality program and increase throughput.
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Dorian Williams, FACHE, MHA, LSSBB

Assistant Vice President of Operations
We took our quality program to the next level by adding Xenex and their LightStrike Robots to reduce pathogens at our facility.
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Client Testimonials

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“Elbert Memorial Hospital is committed to providing the safest and cleanest possible environment for our patients and staff. We want to do everything we can to reduce the spread of pathogens that can cause infections like COVID-19. Investing in these Xenex robots just furthers our commitment to the healthcare of this community,” said Kerry Trapnell, CEO of Elbert Memorial Hospital.”

Mario Pensabene Director of Environmental Services at Phelps Memorial Hospital

“My advice to anyone else who is thinking about implementing this program; do it and you won’t regret it. This has been without a doubt, one of the most successful programs we’ve initiated in EVS. We’ve always strived to make patient care experience a focus of our daily operations and make it a positive one for each of our patients that walks through our doors, and all our decisions are based and made with that thought in mind. The fact that the majority of the staff advocated for the LightStrike Robots, an initiative to bring enhanced UV disinfection technology to our facility, made management’s task that much easier to not only motivate but encourage “friendly competition” within the department and push each other to get better with our disinfection program.”

Mario Pensabene Director of Environmental Services at Phelps Memorial Hospital

“I teach our EVS team members that using the LightStrike Robot is like an insurance policy. I ask my crew if they've ever washed their car and seen missed spots afterwards when the car is dry. The answer is always yes -- and I tell them that it's the same for cleaning rooms. The robots get to areas we may have missed and kill the germs that we can't see. We are human cleaners with a robot backup.”

Cheryl Colter EVS Director at Unity Health White County Medical Center


Creating a Successful Disinfection Program: Our UV Journey and Your Benefit

When Xenex launched the first version of the LightStrike pulsed xenon UV robot, it was the first and only ultraviolet...