Xenex robot zaps superbugs at Edward facilities in Plainfield, Naperville (The Herald-News)


Edward Hospital facilities in Plainfield, Naperville kill germs with Xenex robot

Imagine bright flashing lights catching your eye while you’re walking down a hospital hallway.

You look through an interior window and see the source of the unusual strobe. It’s a robot.

It’s not an anthropomorphic robot with arms and legs and a definable head. It’s more like R2-D2 from “Star Wars,” with a little blue mound of a head that has risen up to expose technology that flashes germ-killing rays across the room.

The robot is being used at Edward Hospital Emergency Department and Edward Hospital Outpatient Center, both in Plainfield, and at the hospital’s main campus in Naperville.

The brand name is Xenex, but staff at the Plainfield facilities have nicknamed their robot POW. The three used at the Naperville center are called Snap, Crackle and Pop.

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