Xenex Robots get stamp of approval for COVID-19 elimination by Texas Biomed.

WOAI by Jim Lefko  (Thursday, April 30th 2020)

SAN ANTONIO – A local company has learned its robot completely removes COVID-19 from rooms and masks.

Xenex Disinfection Services found out today its ultraviolet light technology is 99.9 percent effective in eradicating the virus, according to the Texas Biomedical Research Center. “This is what the world has been looking for,,” says Xenex CEO Morris Miller, “to make sure there’s a device that can actually kill the real virus.” Xenex robots cost $125,000 and are now being ordered by hospitals, hotels, airlines and even the Governor of Texas. “We think that this is the confirmation that all of the hospitals have been looking for,” Miller says, “that we kill the actual virus that has been killing us.”

Texas Biomed concluded that Xenex cleans surfaces in two minutes, and N95 masks in five. “We know that we can solve two of the most pervasive problems that are affecting people all over the world,” Miller says. “The machine works. It kills the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Business is booming for Miller. “It’s created about a 600 percent increase in the business,” he says. And that’s before private non-profit Texas Biomed came out with its findings. “We’re seeing a huge demand from hotels, gymnasiums, schools, airports, airlines and other institutions,” Miller says. “We want to see America get back to work.”

In a statement, Texas Biomed President Larry Schlesinger said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has unearthed distinct scientific challenges, one of which is the ability to quickly engage in partnerships for the sake of moving technologies, therapies and vaccines to market quickly. “Texas Biomed is a unique nonprofit that has the expertise, the technology and the business model to support contract research in addition to independent research that expedites the discovery process and helps companies like Xenex see results.”

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Credit Kim Manganello