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Everyone is looking at how they can accomplish things faster, easier and have the assurance that they’re getting value out of the products and services they are paying for.

Xenex was recently invited to participate in a virtual event hosted by Healthcare Purchasing News to talk about considerations that play an essential role in assessing the value of UV technologies and the support services that may accompany them.

Juan Gonzalez, VP of Engineering, and Sarah Simmons, DrPH, CIC FAPIC, Sr. Science Director with Xenex Disinfection Services cover this topic in less than 30 minutes, hitting on key factors that should be considered, such as:

  • Who regulates UV and what that means for you
  • How to find and validate evidence on a UV product
  • UV disinfection advancements and support services
  • How to create an efficient UV program that has minimal impact on workflow

This discussion is applicable to healthcare teams who are evaluating the addition of UV disinfection technology or working to validate an existing technology. You can view the on-demand discussion here.

During the discussion, Dr. Simmons announced the free consultative services Xenex is making available to any healthcare facility currently using a UV product for room/area disinfection. This complimentary service is aimed at achieving a better overall disinfection impact through a simple disinfection analysis that will identify time-saving measures and allow you to disinfect more spaces. Request a free assessment here.

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